Captain Couples vs. Captain Crunch

It’s obvious, to me anyway, that Fred Couples had a sugar rush when he picked Tiger Woods as a member of this year’s President’s Cup. It’s not like Tiger hasn’t slipped to No. 35 in the World Rankings. It’s not likeĀ  Tiger still does not have mental and physical issues and it’s not like Tiger has been winning with any kind of regularity lately. Tiger still is looking for both a swing and putting stroke that at least he can make a few cuts with.
Come on, Freddie. We know why he was your pick. Forget that pretend friendship with Tiger or that “simpatico” feeling you think you share. The real reasons are simply selfish. Tiger sells tickets. He sells merchandise. He moves the needle. He causes controversy and not to mention that the USGA and PGA Tour loves when he plays…good or bad.
Maybe I’m missing the point, but Tiger’s record in this event and the Ryder Cup don’t reflex a performance from a former world’s No. 1. Maybe Captain Couples might feel some guilt that he’s taking away a spot on the team from someone who is actually playing some very good golf and could help win a match or two. I doubt it and I doubt that Captain Crunch wouldn’t think that perhaps Couples might be a little “too sweet” on the guy…just like his cereal.
Dennis Silvers (a Cherrios guy)

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