Scotsman’s John Huggan Lamabasts Old Course Changes

The British press has been notably quiet about the alterations to the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. There was the odd piece that described the work but none, as far as I know, that dissected the decision or the methodology, until now.

Under the headline, John Huggan: Sacrilege in St. Andrews, Scotsman on Sunday columnist John Huggan calls out the R&A and the Links Trust.

“With an act of staggering arrogance, they have apparently deemed themselves better qualified than Mother Nature – which, in the case of the all-male R&A at least, is just another example of their rampant misogyny – when it comes to knowing what is best for golf’s shrine,” he wrote.

Huggan puts the blame on the failure of the R&A and USGA to reign in the golf ball and the size of driver faces. He astutely illustrates how ludicrous the distances have become in relationship to the Old Course.

“The 2010 Open was actually played on multiple courses – the Old, the New, the Eden, the Himalayas putting course and, on the Road Hole, from a newly constructed tee in a nearby field. It was embarrassing to witness, without even getting into the disgraceful growing of rough in some of the most historically inappropriate places.”

You can read Huggan’s entire piece by clicking here.




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