Let’s Finally Put Up…Or Shut Up!

Like a lot of avid golfers, I wish that I had the talent to be able to play golf for a living. I can’t imagine anything better…especially if you are one of the select “Super Stars” on tour. I have nothing against anyone making money, but I have been saying for years and years that professional tour players today make too much money for what they do. I’ve heard it over and over from people that these guys have no guarantee of making money – that they are all independent contractors – but some how most find themselves making a very livable wage. Right now as I am writing this, I believe there are no less then 90 Tour players who have earned at least $1 million playing golf, hardly starvation wages.

There are enough guys on tour who make multiple millions each year who are the focus of my suggestion. These guys are great at showing up at tournaments or “made for TV events” where the money is huge and guaranteed by someone else. I think the best “made for TV” show would be getting 4 of the top players – and richest – on tour to go head to head in a skins game type format PUTTING UP THEIR OWN MONEY! It’s not as if these guys couldn’t afford it, even they they lost. It would make but a small dent in the ol’ wallet.

Have each put up $1 million of their own money and play for the allotted cash assigned to each skin. I guarantee you that if this were done, viewers would see probably another side of these players. No joking around, no small talk, no chatter with the gallery…just serious concentration. It’s not a big deal if you lose some sponsor’s money, but when it comes to your own money, that’s quite another matter. After all, if they lose their own million, no big deal. There’s a chance they could win it back at the next tournament.

I think it would make for great theatre. If they only sold popcorn at one of the concession stands.

DennisĀ  Silvers

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