SQAIRZ—Golf Shoes with a Difference

Sqairz_640x460_web_2One Liner The unique design and construction of SQAIRZ golf shoes were a hit at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show.

WYNTK SQUAIRZ Golf shoes come in lots of different styles from the classic wingtips and saddle shoes to those that look more at home on the court than the links but regardless of the style they must first and foremost fit properly and secondly make a positive contribution to the golf swing.

This isn’t anything new of course and every manufacturer talks about the comfort and performance of their shoes. Unfortunately, in the real-world color, accents, lacing and style seem to get in the way of one essential point. Do the shoes you are wearing actually help your game?

Robert Winskowicz thought they should and taking inspiration from a currently popular style of men’s dress shoes he created SQAIRZ.

At first look SQAIRZ’s difference is readily apparent, the front of the shoe is straight, perpendicular to the shoes or “square” and when viewed at address help to align the wearer’s feet parallel to the intended line of the shot. Now this is a nice feature certainly but the other major difference of Winskowicz’s design is far more important.

Put simply the forefoot and the front part of the sole are wider which allows the toes to spread out naturally, something like walking barefoot. Along with the wider sole SQAIRZ give more stability and better balance whether your swing is a lurch followed by a lunge or a one that would do Ernie Els proud.

For added swing traction the plastic cleats are placed under the foot’s pressure points and there are molded lugs between the cleats.

We had the opportunity to ask Winskowicz a few questions SQAIRZ and his answers via email were interesting.

ET: Your offices are in Windham, New Hampshire but where are SQAIRZ manufactured? RW: Our shoes are presently made in Foshan, China

ET: Is your direct to consumer strategy the only distribution channel and do you have plans for getting into green grass and big box outlets? RW: We have no immediate plans to go green grass or big box retail. We hope to create a more personal relationship with the golfer and seize this opportunity to connect directly and create an information highway to build out our brand.

ET: What’s the next step for SQAIRZ? Other shoe models or branching out into more accessories such as bags and gloves? RW: We will continue to develop new models of SQAIRZ with various color schemes however keeping the geometry of the toe the same  And finally, you are spot on. We are looking at apparel, bags, gloves, and other accessories all keeping with the SQAIRZ brand image. We presently have square toe socks, square carry bag, square umbrella, and a cap with a square visor.

It was immediately apparent wearing SQUAIRZ, first to the range and then on the course, they are comfortable while providing plenty of lateral support without even a hint of traction loss during the swing. The fact is we liked everything about them: design, construction, comfort, feel and traction plus there’s some nice little touches such as “Sta-put” laces with raised areas along the length so they remain tied and when cleats become worn down replacements are no charge.

The company offers a 30-day money-back return policy and we recommend before buying your next pair of golf shoes try SQAIRZ.

Key Features SQAIRZ
Synthetic leather waterproof 2-year warranty hape helps with shot alignment
Wider forefoot and sole for stability and balance
Wider sole puts cleats under pressure points
Heel stabilizer construction Sole has six cleats plus molded lugs
Insole has added compression in pressure point areas
Padded tongue and ankle EVA foam midsole
Women choose from two colors & men four
$199.97 per pair at SQAIRZ.com

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  1. Deb

    Sqairz look awesome. So sad they are made in China. Not likely to consider purchasing. Way over priced considering they are made in China.


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