JAWS MD5 Wedges in Raw Finish – Two New Grinds

JAWS-RAW-SOLE-400x400One Liner: The appeal of Callaway’s JAWS MD5 wedges has been expanded with a glare-reducing raw finish and the addition of two grind options.

Fast Facts: JAWS MD5 wedges add raw finish New T Grind & X Grinds Tour influenced shaping Proprietary groove design $159.99 each available June 4

WYNTK: Roger Cleveland, Callaway Golf’s chief designer noting the success of the MD5 wedges in platinum chrome and Tour grey finishes has now added a raw finish to cut distracting reflection of the sun and two new grinds from his work with players on the PGA Tour.

The JAWS sharp edge milled radius groove design produces high spin give added control of distance and trajectory.

The lofts and grinds available:

Right hand 50° – S Grind, 52°- S Grind, 54°- choice S or X Grinds, 56° – choice S & X Grinds, 58° – choice S, X, T Grinds, 60° – choice S, X, T Grinds, 62ׄ° -C Grind

Left hand 52°- S Grind, 56°- S Grind, 60°- S Grind

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