Lady Precept 2021

Lady_Pkg_Wh_PkBridgestone Golf’s newest Lady Precept is the latest version of the best-selling women’s’ golf ball of all time and according to Bridgestone offers more distance.

Fast Facts Lady Precept
2-piece low compression ball
Surlyn 330-dimple cover
Gradational core
White or pink
$19.99 per dozen

The Lady Precept has a bit of a legend being first brought to market as the MC Lady, a ball for slower swing speed players with an exceptionally soft solid core and cover. However, men soon found the Lady it was an advantage for them, for many it went farther than premium wound golf balls.

That was 20 years ago, and the world of golf balls evolved so now there are no balls with stretched rubber bands, every core is solid and some amekrs trumpet how soft the core is and how it produces exceptional distance. Go figure.

“The heritage really started with the MC Lady in the late 90’s,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager at Bridgestone Golf. “The target audience for the Lady Precept is still the same, but the gradational core technology, design, and overall performance has improved significantly over the years.”

Bridgestone’s Lady Precept is still there and still providing ladies (and men with slower swing speeds) a ball to match their requirements.

The two-piece construction is low compression with a reformulated gradational core that the company says produces a faster launch.

“A lot of brands have given up on a lady’s golf ball design and simply re-labeled one of their distance models,” said Mellow. “We actually design a ball that benefits this segment of players in a specific way.”

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