Pro LX+ by Shot Scope

ProLX+_LRviewDemonstrated at the 2022 PGA Show the Shot Scope Pro LX+ was a hit with those attending. It combines GPS distance measurement, a laser rangefinder and tracking of each shot in one unit at a golfer-friendly price.

Fast Facts Shot Scope Pro LXi
GPS distance measurement to green front, back, middle
GPS yardage to hazards, layups
Laser rangefinder with vibration on target
7X magnification
Slope yardage compensation
Performance tracking H4 GPS Handheld
16 club tags
Free smartphone statistics app
Available for pre order delivery March 31

For some time there has been a friendly debate between those who see advantages in using a GPS device to determine distances on the course and those who swear by the laser rangefinder.

Shot Scope has short circuited this discussion with a new sophisticated unit, the Pro LX+, combining the two and for good measure they threw in a tracking system using grip tags to record every swing. When this was shown at the PGA Show the Pro LX+ received lots of attention especially considering the price.

The unit combines the Pro LX laser rangefinder and the H4 Handheld display for GPS yardages and input from the tags screwed into the butt end of each grip.

During the round the GPS and laser work as expected and the option of either red or black display of laser yardage is nice for those preferring one over the other and the vibration when the laser locked on to the pin is an important feature. Lasers of course have the advantage of showing the exact distance to the pin, but the GPS offers the ability to get yardage to the front, back and middle of the green plus hazards and layups even when trees or terrain block the laser.

Performance tracking means recording each shot and the process is straight forward. Simply tap the tag in end of the grip on the H4 GPS Handheld which comes with a handy clip for wearing on the belt. Shots are recorded automatically for each club and each hole. The amount of data and analysis of the smartphone app is staggering, dozens of categories that should satisfy even the most stat-hungry player.

Another of the Pro LX+ advantages is the price. At $349.99 it retails roughly in the middle of pricing for competitive laser rangefinders that don’t offer the added features of shot tracking and GPS distance measurement.

The well thought out and solidly built Shot Scope Pro LX+ makes the short list for those looking for a new distance measuring device and wanting to improve their game with shot record analysis.

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