Bridgestone e12 Contact Ball

e12-ContactThe newest e12 Contact ball from Bridgestone continues the raised dimple center of the 2021 model but with a new cover formulation to improve the soft feel in a three-piece distance ball with more short game control.

Fast Facts Bridgestone e12 Contact Ball
Three-piece construction
FLEXATIV Surlyn cover
Contact Force dimple design
Available colors: white, matte red, matte green, matte yellow
At retail March 2023
$34.99 dozen

Bridgestone has updated the e12 Contact ball cover while keeping the unique dimple with a raised center area from the 2021 model. The dimple design increases contact with the club–46%–so more impact energy is transferred and reduces side spin. The result is what everyone is looking for, namely straighter shots with more distance.

The FLEXATIV cover is still Surlyn but with “impact modifiers” that Bridgestone says make the cover act firmer when hit with a driver to give faster ball speed but with short irons when control is wanted it acts softer and slower for more spin.

“FLEXATIV represents our fourth iteration of Contact Science,” said Adam Rehberg, Senior Manager, Ball Fitting and R&D. “Our engineers have found a way to combine the structural and chemical advantages of Contact Science and put them into one golf ball, creating a model that flies longer, straighter, and spins more on short shots around the green. It’s an impressive achievement in design and manufacturing.”

Compared with the previous version the new e12 Contact is $5 per dozen more, certainly trend in the club and ball business this year.

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