Wilson Staff Duo for slower swing speeds

Golfers with lower swing speeds sometimes may find themselves with an unforced handicap to their games by using a ball that doesn’t perform well at the speed with which they swing the club. The Wilson Staff Duo is specifically designed for those players with the additional benefit of selling for around $20 per dozen.

The Duo is a two-piece, Surlyn cover distance ball with less than 40-compression or as the company puts it, “crazy soft.” This translates to more distance with the driver and a soft feel around the greens.

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  1. Mona

    Hey brother, my guess is that your back wasn’t hurt bc you mssied the ball. The ball doesn’t slow your body down. However, I bet you mssied the ball bc you swung hard enough to hurt your back! Try swinging the club at about 85% of your full speed. I remember when I first started playing I thought that it took super-human strength to launch the ball. No, that why grandma is still playing. Take her slow and easy. And keep it up. Hit em str8


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