Henry-Griffitts PRAXIS HY Hybrid

The new PRAXIS HY Hybrids from Henry-Griffitts according to the company are the most adjustable hybrid clubs on the market. Face angle can be changed from 3° closed to 3° open, and the lie angle from 3° flat to 3° upright. The company sells its clubs only through golf teachers certified by Henry-Grifitts.

HG Praxis Hybrid“When we create a golf club,” says Randall Henry, president of Henry-Griffitts, “we make sure we do it right. That’s exactly what we’ve done with this new PRAXIS HY Hybrid model. When you combine the best technology with the best teachers and the best factory, you have a mix that can’t be beat.

“It is uniquely designed to be adjustable for weight, face angle, and lie angle so it will match exactly with the player’s fit. We don’t pre-determine what ‘your’ set makeup is. You do, together with your Certified Teacher, during your H-G Fitting Experience. There may be a multitude of combinations in one person’s PRAXIS HY Hybrids that are different from another person’s. That’s why our hybrids are uniquely designed so we can make your PRAXIS HY Hybrids unique to your swing with loft, lie, weight, and face angle – and this is just the head. Then our fitters look at the rest of the aspects of the fit to design your unique hybrid. The PRAXIS HY Hybrids give you the classic look of a hybrid along with Henry-Griffitts’ unique stylistic touch.”

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