XXIO Prime Driver – Lightweight Quality

235x350_XXIO_PRIME11_W_mainComponents used in the XXIO Prime driver are all lightweight with the idea being to make a club slow to moderate swing speed golfers can swing faster to get more distance with the clubhead having alternating areas of flexibility and a flat cup face.

Fast Facts
XXIO Prime driver
Super game improvement 460 cc
Rebound frame
Flat cup face Super-TIX PLUS Titanium
Draw bias
Counterbalanced head and grip
Head rib construction
Overall club weight 254 grams
Stock shaft: 35.5 gram XXIO Prime SP-1100
Stock grip: 26.5 gram XXIO Prime Weight Plus

Extremely low club weight, just 254 grams overall with a 184-gram head, allowing players with slower swing speeds to swing faster and generate more clubhead speed for more distance is XXIO’s plan for the Prime driver. Performance is increased by the counterbalance weighting in the grip which also helps to bring hands closer to the body on the downswing for straighter ball flight.

The Prime’s head construction contains discrete areas that alternate between being flexible and comparatively stiff. The goal is to reward impacts near the face’s center with more yards, but the design matched with the flat face cup also helps to preserve ball speed when the strike not exactly in the center.

“It’s safe to say that the new XXIO Prime woods and irons are the most advanced set of clubs ever developed for moderate-to-slow swing-speed players,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “From the exotic materials and construction to the ultra-lightweight shafts featuring our Weight Plus counterweighting technology, every detail in the new XXIO Prime has been engineered to add distance and accuracy – specifically for players who have lost some yards over the years. XXIO Prime is truly different and special.”

The Prime family introduced also has fairway woods ($600), hybrids ($400) and irons selling for $275 each or $1,100 for a 4-piece set.

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