Titleist’s Latest—Tour Speed & Tour Soft

TourSoftTourSpeedTitleist has introduced new versions of the 3-piece Tour Speed and 2-piece Tour Soft golf balls citing enhanced distance and overall performance.

Fast Facts
Titleist Tour Speed
3-piece construction
Urethane 346 dimple cover
High speed 1.55” diameter core
High flex mantle casing layer
White or yellow (June 21, 2022)
$40 dozen
Titleist Tour Soft
2-piece construction
4CE 346 dimple cover
Large 1.60” diameter core
White or yellow
$35 dozen

The 3-piece Tour Speed and 2-piece Tour Soft make use of a quadrilateral dipyramid dimple pattern—their description not mine—for a better, more penetrating flight with pricing significantly less than their premium Pro V1/Pro V1x models targeted for play by better players.

Comparing the two new members of the Titleist family, the Tour Speed has a soft feel and the Tour Soft a very soft feel. Both fall in the mid-trajectory category with low long club spin and medium amounts of short club spin.

The basic choice would appear for those not opting to use the $50 per dozen Pro V1/Pro V1x and still wanting to stay with one of the company’s models, would be evaluating the advantages of the urethane cover Tour Speed (added control greenside, slightly higher ball flight) versus the Tour Soft which is more of a distance category ball.

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