Favorite golf balls this season-Some great choices

If you are on a quest to maximize your game having the latest clubs in the bag is not be the final factor. The best distance and accuracy are achieved by matching your clubs and your swing to the ball you tee up. The selection of the proper ball has a number of considerations including but not limited to the distance you can hit it.

Evaluation is straight forward beginning with picking two or three different brands suited to your skill level. Start with putting to determine how they feel then gradually move out to 100-yards, hitting several shots with each brand at various distances. See how they fly and spin and stop…well, you get the idea.

After you are comfortable with the short game performance of each, hit some full shots including drives to make the comparison complete.

And finally take a look at the price. Many golfers (of not most) play with a ball more expensive than they need. Put another way, their level of skill does not call for the same ball the guys on the PGA Tour are using. Often recreational players wind up paying extra money for a ball with performance characteristics which they can’t take advantage.

Here are the golf balls we like and think are good candidates for your evaluation. MORE…

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