Montego milled putter from Orlimar

Orlimar’s new Montego model putter has a milled mallet-style head but the most striking feature is what the company calls a “360 degree alignment aid” that has the appearance of three circles when viewed at address.

“The Montego will appeal to golfers of all ability levels,” said Nigel Matthews, product development manager. “The milled putter face provides a soft feel and visual cues not only to help the golfer align the putter head to the target but also to ensure proper positioning over the ball. Consumers who have tested the putter find the alignment technology easy to use and very effective.”Orlimar Montego putter

At address proper alignment occurs says Orlimar when the three circles which appear to be a three dimensional array are seen so that the circle closest to the face, a cutout, is centered so the lower circle is inside its perimeter. The two split white circles provide both down-the-line and spherical views putter face positioning with the ball.

The Montego putter is a face-balanced, heel-shafted mallet, constructed of 304 stainless steel, a head weight of 345 grams and carries a SRP of $149.99 with availability of Oct. 1.

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