Affordable eye protection from SunSport Optics

 Sunglasses on the course are a must. 

Not as a fashion statement but to protect your eyes from the sun plus blowing dust and pollen. They should be put on every time you play, just like sunscreen but there’s a potential problem. High quality protective sunglasses are expensive, often selling for $75 to $200 a pair.

Therefore it’s a pleasant surprise to find the SunSport Optics brand golf eyewear selling for less than $30.

SunSport Optics is based in Castle Rock, Colo. and has been making golf eyewear since 2003. Their good looking line of new models are priced between $24.95 and $29.95 and feature lightweight rimless frames, optically corrected lenses and most importantly 100% UVA and UVB protection.

According to Todd Roberson, SunSport Optics president, “Our newest golf-specific design offers significant benefits to players. Just as important as your favorite driver is the pair of sunglasses you choose to protect your eyes and help perfect your game, and our newest golf design offers notable advantages.”

The lenses are also water repellant, fog resistant and scratch resistant. 

SunSport sunglasses may not turn you into a scratch golfer but there’s nothing wrong with getting the sun protection you need and making a little bit of a fashion statement at the same time.

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  1. Randy Armstrong

    I’m having trouble finding where to purchase the SunSport line of sunglasses. Can you help? I live in Saginaw, MI. Thank you.


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