Faldo skin care

Six time major winner Nick Faldo, excuse me, Sir Nick Faldo, has a new line of skincare items especially for golfers. Named ProCare, they are manufactured by Kyoku Corp.

Faldo Skincare Products  “After using Kyoku for men’s products, I was interested in the possibility of creating a line which would make skin care and sun protection easy,” said Faldo. “This range and all in one packaging makes sense for sportsman and others. It’s all there to protect you from a day in and out of the sun.” 

ProCare comes in a handy kit for golfers’ bags and would make a great gift. Included are SPF30 sunscreen, lip balm, hand cream, a foot spray, muscle cream and insect repellent. For additional information and to order visit http://www.faldoprocare.com/

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