My Golf Digest debuts

Golf Digest magazine and the golf app GolfLogix have jointly come up with a new  venture named Golf Digest Live combining the GolfLogix GPS distance and club-tracking technology with content from Golf Digest. 

The new Golf Digest Live is available only through GolfLogix for an annual fee of $19.99. The content from the magazine will include tips, articles, videos and the first-ever personalized magazine entitled My Golf Digest with player statistics and the ability to suggest drills or tips for improving performance based.

“Golf Digest Live is the new frontier for helping people learn to play better golf,” said Golf Digest Chairman and Editorial Director, Jerry Tarde. “We’ve digitized the best of Golf Digest content, so for the first time readers will create their own magazine, filled with personalized tips and drills. It’s no longer just Golf Digest, its MY Golf Digest. Attempts at personalized magazines before have simply involved readers pre-selecting types of content that interest them. This is the first magazine curated by editors that’s based on what readers individually need to know.”

Some Golf Digest content is accessible while you play – like rules videos, golf jokes and tips on common shots – but the bulk of the benefits are delivered on the practice range or at home, where golfers can relive their rounds, better understand their faults and take lessons to improve their scoring.

“There’s no better tool to improve your game than Golf Digest Live – whether on the course, reviewing your round or at the practice range,” said Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “We’re consistently first-to-market with the latest technologies and this partnership delivers an incredibly comprehensive, personalized commentary of your golf game.”

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