Anchored Putting is Not the Problem

A few days have passed since the R&A and USGA dropped their bomb shell (or more properly a ‘smart bomb’) on anchored putting.

Commentators, assorted touring pros and even the PGA of America have weighed in, mostly against the ban. Their arguments being (1) golf is difficult so why take away something that makes it easier and (2) in order to grow participation nonstandard length putters encourage people to take up the game.

Oh, and there is also a third though less stressed view. Players with bad backs, usually seasoned citizens, will continue playing only if they can use a belly or broomstick putter. Plus then there’s the corollary, long putters have been around for a long time so it’s not fair to make someone switch.

All of these arguments put forth by well intention people though are wrong…180 degrees wrong. What’s more I’d bet a dollar to a dozen Titleists, golf’s ruling bodies figured that out before they announced the ban.

So let’s set aside the rhetoric and shine a light on the arguments against the ban. MORE…

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