Having a screw loose has new meaning for Mickelson at the Masters

Too bad Phil Mickelson could not have fixed his wayward tee shots as easily as he tweaked his driver Thursday at the Masters.

Lefty hit such a wicked slice on the same 10th hole at Augusta National Golf Club that derailed Rory McIlroy’s chances of winning a green jacket in last year’s tilt, that he immediately announced he would hit a provisional. Five minutes later, the search party had not found the missing Callaway Hex Black and Mickelson ended up making a triple-bogey-7 on the hole.

Indeed, the three-time Masters winner missed shots all over the course on his way to an opening-round 2-over 74 and told reporters he “had a slight technical mishap” that caused him to block his shots and hit them wide left. While he’ll head into Friday hoping to fix his narrow downswing, he had little trouble attending to a minor malady that befell his new adjustable Callaway RAZR Fit driver on the 18th tee.

After checking out the club head, Mickelson called an official over, who assured him he was able to tighten a loose screw.

“One of the weights came loose,” he said. “Fortunately you can just tighten it up. It was no big deal.”

With Callaway’s first adjustable driver, players can easily switch the club’s face angle to three different address slots — open, square, and closed — as well as change ball flights from neutral to draw by exchanging the weights in the driver head’s toe and heal with each other.


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  1. Scooterbug300

    Would be interesting if this caused some of his problems Thursday and possibly cost him the tournament. Heck the way he said he felt on Thursday (good) and how he has played Friday and Saturday he might have shot at least 3-4 shots better on Thursday. Any way to find out if he felt this was an issue with his whole round?


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