Callaway gets personal for RAZR Fit driver

Callaway Golf Company is getting personal. The company is introducing its new “udesign by Callaway” personalization and customization platform. udesign by Callaway, an online customization tool, gives golfers purchasing a RAZR Fit Driver the ability to design their own version of the company’s terrific RAZR Fit driver that is played by, among others, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Alvaro Quiros.

Callaway's RAZR Fit rainbow

The RAZR Fit might be Callaway’s best driver in years, so this is a good way for Callaway to create more consumer interest in it.

Featuring an online interface, golfers can visit to select their own color choices on RAZR Fit’s club head and grip, as well as a shaft model and other custom configurations. Callaway says udesign by Callaway presents the opportunity to design one of more than 70,000 versions of the RAZR Fit Driver. San Diego native Mickelson, for example, chose powder blue and gold in honor of the Chargers

“Golf is already the most personalized sport there is in terms of custom equipment options, and our new udesign by Callaway platform brings personalization to a new and exciting place,” said Jeff Colton, Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Product for Callaway Golf. “The opportunity to design your very own driver in the colors of your favorite team, alma mater or whatever you happen to feel looks best has never been offered on a mass scale. Our research and instincts show that this level of personalization and customization is what golfers want, and we’re excited to be the first brand in golf to offer it.”

Accessible to customize RAZR Fit drivers for men’s and ladies models, Colton said the udesign by Callaway process begins with the selection of a right-handed or left-handed club head and a range of loft and color choices. With each selection, the RAZR Fit image on screen modifies in real time to embody the latest design choice. After making a color selection, advanced customization options detailing the choice of stock or after-market shaft, its flex, length, grip model and wraps follow.

When finished, each user can view multiple angles of their configuration and also send their unique RAZR Fit design to friends and contacts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email through a dedicated share function.


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