TMaG’s new R11 irons will launch Sept. 1

TMaG's new R11 iron

TaylorMade-adidas Golf is expanding its R11 expansion with the introduction of the R11 iron, which will be available Sept. 1 at a suggested retail price of $799 per set (steel) and $999 (graphite).

The R11 iron, of course, follows on the heels of TMaG’s R11 driver, one of the more successful drivers – in terms of PGA Tour play and consumer play – in its history.

TMaG says the R11 irons each are engineered with multiple technologies that make them easy to launch high and long. That’s pretty much the company line in all of its irons, but says TMaG executive vice president Sean Toulon, “we’ve never created an iron that combines this kind of distance, this kind of forgiveness, is this easy to launch, and feels and sounds this soft and solid. And its appearance is extraordinarily beautiful, a gorgeous blend of smooth, classic lines and high-tech flourishes.”

At the heart of each R11 iron is a red precision-weighting port, a technology initially introduced in TaylorMade’s forged iron lineup, including the Tour Preferred MB.  TMaG says the precision-weighting port allows its engineers to 1) guarantee precise swing weight and 2) ensure center-face Center of Gravity (CG) location in every iron. The result, according to TMaG, is optimal consistency in feel and performance from one club to the next.

The ultra-thin face construction of the R11 irons promotes faster ball speed and distance in long- and middle-irons. Each R11 iron also features TaylorMade’s well-known Inverted Cone clubface technology, which the company says expands the area of the face that delivers fast ball speed, which promotes improved distance on off-center hits.

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  1. sir Issac

    Very cool and sleek design and look by Tmade, surprisingly it’s not white. I’m curious to know if anyone playing any of the forged series irons were fit for swing weight or even changed out the weight-port? Can my local shop fit me for this or do I have to go to the LAB?


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