Titleist enhances its line of Cameron California putters

The California Silver Del Mar putter

The latest line of Scotty Cameron by Titleist putters – the most recognized and successful putter franchise on the PGA Tour – is an enhanced line of the Cameron California family of putters.

The first incarnation of California putters were inspired by several of Cameron’s favorite designs from among his early Classics and Handmade models.  The 2011 California line, according to Titleist, builds on the form-meets-function achievements of the original California putters, accentuating an important Scotty Cameron design principle – visual flow.

“My main objective for the new California designs was to take the visual flow to a new level,” Cameron said. “When you look down at a great putter in the address position, it’s easy to imagine the putter head flowing naturally right into the ground.  The refinements we made to these five new models meet and exceed that ideal.  It might be a bit esoteric, but you get the sense that water won’t splash off these putters.  It looks like water will just roll off the contours of the putters and shed gently off the edges.”

More than 30 refinements were made in order to achieve the balanced shapes and blended surface and edge transitions found in the new California putters.  Cameron said angles in the face, sole and neck are precisely milled to ensure that each model presents a perfectly square set-up at address.   In addition, the new California putters feature deeper milling in the face of the putter.  This modification, according to Titleist, results in a softer sound at impact, yielding a feel that many better putters prefer.

Each California putter (suggested retail price $375)  is equipped with a new Pistolero grip with a dancing Cameron logo for a secure hold and great feel in the hands.  Also new for 2011, the California putters feature a new Sea Mist finish and recessed red Tour dot graphics that call to mind the tail lights of vintage American automobiles.


Del Mar: A heel shafted mid mallet for maximum toe flow during the stroke.

Fastback: A modified Newport-style mid mallet design featuring a more compact head heel-to-toe with a rounded back flange, three sight lines and a single bend shaft with a full shaft of offset.

Monterey: A blade body with smooth double-step flange with a back pocket and single site line, the Monterey features a plumbing neck hosel with a full shaft of offset for medium toe flow.

Monterey 1.5: A blade body with smooth double-step flange with a back pocket and single site line, the Monterey 1.5 features a medium flare neck hosel with a ¾ shaft offset for near-maximum toe flow.

Sonoma: A compact mid-mallet with a D-shaped back flange and sight line.


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