Nike launches new VR Pro forged wedges

Nike Golf's new VR Pro forged wedge

Nike Golf’s new VR Pro forged wedges are now available at retail. Each wedge, according to the company, is developed with a precise forging process and features a Dual-Sole grind, ensuring ideal set-up from sand, fringe, fairway or deep rough.

Nike Golf says the Dual-Sole provides two distinct benefits:  For normal square addressed shots, the sole has added leading edge bounce, but the trailing edge is relieved. This allows for utilization of the bounce, which helps to eliminate digging but reduces the contact area so the club glides through the turf. The Dual-Sole also prevents bladed shots; for open faced shots, a relieved heel design comes into play when the face is in an open position. Nike Golf says this allows the leading edge to sit low to the ball, especially on short flop shots.

Basically what the Dual-Sole does is gives players a lot of shot options without having to use a lot of wedges.

The VR Pro Forged DS wedge also features Nike Golf X3X grooves with a laser crosshatch pattern that is applied to the land area between the grooves.  Nike Golf says this pattern adds three times the surface texture versus conventionally finished faces, creating more spin in all conditions.  With the X3X grooves, there are more grooves (20) that are closer together and deeper on the clubface.

The VR Pro Forged DS wedges are available in chrome; oxide and platinum. Each carries a suggested retail price of $119.99.