Cleveland Golf new CG Black driver is a real lightweight

Cleveland Golf's new CG Black driver

Cleveland Golf is best known for its wedges (rightfully so) but players shouldn’t forget the remainder of its equipment line. A good place to start would be the new CG Black driver. At a weight of only 265 grams, the CG Black is touted as the lightest driver on the market. That light weight, of course, is designed to help players increase their swing speed that translates into more distance. Just as impressive, with its dark look, the CG Black might be the best looking driver on the market.

The CG Black features what Cleveland calls a Speed Crown Design – a teardrop-inspired crown profile – the company says maximizes distance by reducing drag at all angles of airflow during the swing.  In addition, Cleveland say the driver’s MaxCOR2 Variable Face Thickness technology reduces face weight and increases trampoline effect on off-center hits, meaning higher ball speed and more distance on off-center hits.

A high-density weight screw at the rear of the sole plate, according to Cleveland, positions the center of gravity lower and deeper to promote a high, draw-biased trajectory with optimal launch conditions for greater distance.

The CG Black driver is selling at retail for $399.99.