Cobra’s new S3 Driver has a larger club face

The goal of virtually every golfer is to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the club. Cobra Golf appears to make that a bit easier in its new S3 and S3 Max Drivers featuring E9 Face Technology, a new generation of its 9 Points Face Technology of the past couple of years.

Cobra says the E9 technology expands each driver’s Sweet Zone by 30 percent, taking into account all areas where golfers hit the ball on the club face.

Cobra created E9 Face Technology using the assumption that most club faces are designed with a circular sweet spot around the center of the face. Cobra says it tested golfers hitting more than 25,000 shots and discovered something different. They hit shots across the face in an elliptical pattern that wasn’t always in the center. According to Cobra, 99 percent of shots hit by golfers were in this elliptical pattern from the low heel to the high toe. Thus, the company redesigned the clubface to take advantage of this result to create E9 Face Technology.

The Cobra S3 Driver (suggested retail price $375) also features Cobra’s popular Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT), which allows golfers to easily dial in their optimal ball flight for maximum distance and accuracy.

The S3 Max Driver differs from the Cobra S3 Driver, according to the company, in that its offset design helps golfers straighten out slices and fades, thus maximizing forgiveness and distance. Cobra says most golfers will find they can easily achieve draw bias ball flight and high launch with the Cobra S3 Max Driver.

Cobra's S3 Driver with E9 Technology

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