Ping launches Anser adjustable driver with Trajectory Tuning Technology

Ping Golf has officially launched its highly-anticipated Anser adjustable driver it says will enable players to “fine-tune” trajectory through a combination of loft adjustment and shaft selection. That’s nothing new to the industry, but it is new to Ping Golf as the Anser is the company’s first adjustable driver.

Ping's new Anser adjustable driver

Players can add or subtract one-half degree of loft and also choose one of four shafts to fit their swing profile — a process called Trajectory Tuning Technology. The shafts are the Ping TFC 800D, Aldila Phenom, Fujikura Blur Red, and the Mitsubishi Diamana ‘ahina. TPing says the shafts vary in weight, stiffness profile, and the trajectory they deliver.

A Ping torque wrench is used to add or subtract one-half degree of loft beyond the standard settings of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees.

With its low-spin head, Ping says the Anser (suggested retail price $440) driver represents a “fully optimized design solution” that generates ideal trajectories for maximizing distance and accuracy. The 460cc head is made of Ti 8-1-1, a light, low-density alloy, and has a non-glare matte-black finish.


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