Fourteen Golf’s RM-11 wedge finding success on LPGA Tour

I love it when small equipment companies succeed. Heck, I remember the days when Callaway was a small company, with founder Ely Callaway and his right-hand man, Bruce Parker, operating out of a non-descript office park in Carlsbad, Calif.

Fourteen Golf's RM-11 wedge

I’m not saying Fourteen Golf will ever grow to be Callaway Golf, but it is succeeding in the highly-competitive equipment market, especially on the LPGA Tour, where its RM-11 wedge line has recorded 37 top 10 finishes this year. Mika Miyazato finished fourth at this past week’s Women’s British Open.

Speaking as a wedge freak, if you haven’t tried an RM-11 wedge, you should. It’s very consistent distance-wise with a solid feel.  The best use of the RM-11 wedge, however, might be in west weather. According to the company, the RM-11 wedge is able to maintain nearly 80 percent of its spin in wet conditions.

Wet or dry conditions, the RM-11 wedge is worth a try.


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