Barber Pole putters offer “true roll” on the greens

Most players, whether on the Tour or at the muni, are always in search of more distance. It’s the holy grail of golf.  One the greens, however, golfers of all skill levels look for what’s called “true roll.  That is, they’re looking for over spin in order to get the ball rolling quickly instead of skidding first.

Barber Pole Golf's line of brass putters

Think about in terms of hitting a billiards cue ball. In order to make the ball roll forward, a player hits above the ball’s equator. That’s the same way Barber Pole Golf’s putters work.

The company’s new line of brass putter features what it calls “Radius Face Technology” that is designed for a player to strike the ball above the equator for more immediate topspin. Give one a try and you’ll see RTF is no marketing ploy – it really works. Interestingly, the technology is most evident from around the green fringe where a player is able to roll the ball instead of chip it.

Barber Pole putters are available in four models – mallet style Ballybunion and Waterville ($349) and blade style Lahinch and Portrush ($329). I prefer Ballybunion – it sets up well and I get my hands through a mallet putter easier.

Each putter is made from c360 solid brass, which provides for a good look and feel, and is available in two Winn Grip options – a Tour grip and a more traditional Barber Pole striped version. The putters are available online at


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