Sunice: Possibly the Only Sun We’ll See in Oregon This Year

Vest. Oh, yeah.

If you play golf like I do— no, I don’t mean badly; I mean in any imaginable weather conditions—you might believe the marketing hype that apparel has moved from the realm of fashion and into the realm of high-performance “gear” that could effect your game.  Compare a full-on Gore-tex rain suit to a cotton hoodie on a rainy day at Bandon Dunes and you’ll begin to get the idea.

The folks at Sunice have figured out a variety of ways to protect golfers from various severities of weather while also making you look good with their serious yet festive Pro Sport and Sport Layers Collections.  Their Typhoon jacket exudes an urban hipness that most highly waterproof gear lacks. Sunice’s exclusive SIXT Stretch fabric allows for full range of motion in a featherweight breathable jacket that keeps wind and rain out while allowing body moisture to escape, so that your game is the only thing that gets hot.  The black vest version could as easily work at a nightclub as a golf club, and the inner fleece lining just feels good.  The Tornado is a step up in extremity with a quiet fabric guaranteed waterproof for four years.  No detail has been over-looked, including action cuff sleeve ends, a cinching system for perfect fitting, lock down zipper pulls, and even a club cleaning cloth attached inside one of the pockets.  Sunice’s seemingly endless collection of jackets, vests, sweaters, and other layers marry science with style in a dizzying array of cuts and colors that you just want to be seen in.  Even if it’s not raining.

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