Wilson Golf’s D200 driver will feature Right Light technology


In the world of Wilson Golf, “D’’ always has stood for distance. The company is staying with that distinction with its new D200 driver that features what it calls “Right Light’’ technology.

Right Light technology, according to Wilson Golf, optimally positions limited available mass to create a powerful, balanced, solid-feeling and sounding golf club.

Wilson's new D200 driver

Wilson’s new D200 driver

“For us, it’s not just about being lightweight,” said Michael Vrska, Wilson’s global director of innovation. “The challenge with engineering The Right Light is optimizing the limited available mass for proper distribution among the head, shaft and grip to achieve the best performance for each club. Using our research from the predecessor D100 family, we continued to innovate The Right Light and fuse it with other advanced technologies, like adjustability in the new D200 driver.”

Vrska said he D200 driver, which will be available in January and carry a shelf price of $299.99, is one of the “lightest and fastest’’ adjustable drivers on the market. The club head, for example, weighs only 189 grams.

Reactive Face Technology, according to Vrska, increases the size of the face to provide more forgiveness on heel and toe impacts and increased MOI, and decreases the thickness around the lower half of the face to increase ball velocities on mishits.

A chemically-etched crown reduces weight and increases the thickness toward the face for structural support and durability.

Each D200 driver will feature a six-way adjustable hosel with three loft and three draw settings to optimize both launch angle and left-to-right ball flight.


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