Bridgestone e-Series balls feature WEB Dimple Technology


Bridgestone Golf will unveil the 2015 edition of its e-Series golf balls at the PGA Merchandise Show that begins tomorrow in Orlando. The balls feature WEB Dimple Technology the company says brings added distance across the line. Bridgestone will continue to manufacture the e-Series in the U.S.

“Our e-Series balls have long been trusted by golfers struggling to overcome ball flight challenges,” said Corey Consuegra, director of marketing for Bridgestone Golf. “The 2015 e-Series delivers that same great flight performance while offering tangible distance gains courtesy of our new WEB Dimple Technology.”

Bridgestone's new e6 golf ball

Bridgestone’s new e6 golf ball

WEB Dimple Technology, according to Consuegra, utilizes a “spidering” pattern that affords 10 percent more dimple-surface-coverage than the previous e-Series models. This new pentagonal, WEB pattern combined with the aerodynamics of our dual dimple design reduces drag, Consuegra says, result in a more penetrating ball flight and greater distance.

“We’re very pleased with distance increases we’ve seen from WEB Dimple Technology during testing. In both robot and live testing, we have seen substantial distance increases versus previous models,” Consuegra said. “The distance increases are consistent and significant. It’s exciting for our team to see the results at the test site, and we can’t wait for golfers to see the results on the course.”

The e5 ball has a two-ball urethane construction designed for golfers needing higher ball flight, more distance and greater control.

The 2015 e6, Consuegra says, is the softest multilayer golf ball on the market and is designed to help players eliminate slices and hooks.

The multilayer e7 model, according to Consuegra, is designed purely for faster, longer, more penetrating shots, reducing the ballooning in windy conditions often encountered by golfers with a higher ball-flight.

The new 2015 e5, e6 and e7 balls will feature a street price of $28.99 per dozen (MSRP $38 per dozen) and will be available next month.



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