Ben Hogan Co.’s TK 15 wedges will come in a plethora of lofts


The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company is making a comeback with product that the TK 15 wedges that are forged from 1025 Carbon Steel, and utilize the Precise Loft System and HoganFitTM fitting methodology.

“It is no secret that Mr. Hogan was deadly accurate with his wedges and short irons,” said Justin Honea, director of R&D of the Hogan Company.  “Our goal with the TK 15 wedges was to make the most accurate Hogan wedges ever, while at the same time making them playable from any lie.  Mr. Hogan would be proud of these.”

The Ben Hogan Company's TK 15 wedges

The Ben Hogan Company’s TK 15 wedges

The Precise Loft System, according to Honea, will revolutionize the way the golf industry thinks about precision and accuracy by offering every loft of wedge and iron from 63 down to 20 degrees – 44 heads in all. Through the HoganFit online fitting process, Honea said each golfer’s game is fully analyzed to prescribe the exact loft combination that will deliver optimum loft gapping to blend to their current irons and their strength profile.

“Because of the industry’s current obsession with distance, golfers have been forced to sacrifice accuracy,” said Honea. “In an effort to make the longest-hitting 6-iron, golfers have been left with very large yardage gaps in the scoring end of the set, which is where you need the opposite in order to perform at the highest level.  With the Precise Loft System, we have the ability to recalibrate a golfer’s set to deliver better performance and the distance precision required for better scoring.”

The TK 15 wedges, according to Honea, are the only high performance wedges in the industry that are designed to seamlessly integrate with a full set of irons.

The TK 15 wedges also feature the company’s V Sole design that it says provides versatility and precision from any and all types of lies.  An aggressive leading edge bounce, Honea said, blends to a low bounce in the primary portion of the sole to create a V shape. Honea said this sole design allows the golfer the ability to open the clubface to play a shot out of the bunker, deep rough or play the ball off of the tightest of lies.

The TK 15 wedges are engineered with a loft-specific weighting design that Honea said distributes the mass vertically across the primary impact area of the face to deliver greater control of ball flight and far-improved distance dispersion on off-center hits, particularly those high in the face.

The TK 15 wedges will be begin shipping in April and will be custom built to order. With the KBS Tour V or KBS Tour 90 steel shafts, the TK-15 wedges retail for $150 per club.  They will also be offered with UST Mamiya Recoil shafts as the standard graphite offering at a retail price of $165 per club.

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