Tour Edge’s Long 3 offers accuracy of 3 wood and distance of driver

Tour Edge Golf’s Long 3 fairway wood is the final product in the company’s popular EX9 family. The Long 3, according to the company, has the accuracy of a 3 wood with the distance of a driver, thanks to a deeper face for greater spring-like effect in its 185cc club head.

Tour Edge's Long 3

Tour Edge’s Long 3

In addition, the Long 3 (suggested retail price $299.99) features a 43.5-inch shaft and a beta titanium cup face. Tour Edge says the also embodies a re-designed Variable Face Thickness technology that produces better results from more contact points on the face.

The company says the Exotics SlipStream sole, which has been re-designed and dramatically reduces the amount of turf interaction. The waves, according to Tour Edge, are now shorter   from   front   to   back, resulting in a “full speed’’ explosive impact.


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