N.I.C.K.’s CAMP golf balls help send kids to summer camp

Each year, more than 15,000 kids and young adults are diagnosed with cancer. The Chiera Family Foundation has teamed up with Bridgestone Golf, so now, by playing golf with a special golf ball, you can make a difference.

By purchasing a dozen N.I.C.K.’s CAMP golf balls, you can help kids who are battling cancer attend a special summer camp called NICK’s CAMP, send young adults who have beaten cancer to college, and even teach young cancer patients life lessons and golf through The First Tee of Broward County, Fla.

N.I.C.K.’s CAMP golf balls

N.I.C.K.’s CAMP golf balls

Once you purchase the golf balls, take a photo or video hitting a N.I.C.K.’s CAMP golf ball in the most unusual place. Use your imagination – strike a pose, hit with a group of

people, or even a celebrity. The top photos or videos posted will be judged with the winner receiving a free trip entry to the N.I.C.K.’s CAMP golf tournament in South Florida. Just e-mail your entry to info@chierafamilyfoundation.org or use #playitforward on social media.

In addition, Bridgestone Golf merchandise will be awarded to people who send in photos and videos. Also, when people visit ChieraFamilyFoundation.org, they can order the golf balls to be shipped to them monthly or quarterly.

Companies and country clubs can also logo the balls on the opposite side for co-branding at other charity golf tournaments.

“Golfers by and large are generous people. In fact, the World Golf Foundation estimates that from the professional ranks down to local events, the game of golf raises $3.9 billion annually for charities,” said Corey Consuegra, Senior Director of Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “Play It Forward is an innovative program that capitalizes on this generosity and the spirit of camaraderie that golf has fostered for centuries, to give golfers the ability to provide friends with excellent performing golf balls, while at the same time letting kids with cancer know that we have their backs. Bridgestone is proud

to partner with the Chiera Family Foundation on this important initiative and we look forward to its growth.”

N.I.C.K. stands for Nothing Is Impossible for Cancer Kids – 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of these golf balls can give young cancer patients a summer they will never forget.


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