Ping adds to its line of Scottsdale TR putters

Ping's Scottsdale TR Anser T putter

Ping’s Scottsdale TR Anser T putter


Ping Golf is introducing three new Scottsdale TR (True Roll) putters – the Anser T, the Craz-E and the counter-balanced Senita B – to the Scottsdale TR line it launched this past spring. If you’re looking for a great feeling putter at a good price, give one of them a try. Chances are you won’t be disappointed. But Ping rarely disappoints.

Two of the new putters – the Anser-T and Craz-E) – each carries a suggested retail prices of less than $200. The Senita B has a suggested retail price of $215.  Each putter also is available with Ping’s adjustable-length shaft for an extra $35.

The blade-style Anser T (my favorite) features Ping’s classic Anser head and an arched, bridge-style alignment line that extends from the front edge of the top rail to the back edge.

The Craz-E (SRP $192.50) is a 365-gram mallet putter, while the Senita B has a 38-inch standard shaft with a 50-gram weight inside the grip end of the shaft to counter-balance the 400-gram head.

The Craz-E, by the way, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the form of the Scottsdale TR Craz-E. It has the same alignment as the original Craz-E head that debuted in 2004, and it can be ordered to fit any stroke type, making it a great for players of all skill levels.


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