David Edel crafts a Claret Jug for St. Andrews Golf Art (VIDEO)

Here’s a great way to get to know two companies at the same time. St. Andrews Golf Art, the highly-respected online gallery (www.standrewsgolfart.com) that offers works by established international artists, is showcasing an extraordinary limited bronze by David Edel, “The Claret Jug & Hands of Roberto De Vicenzo.”  Edel’s piece is a tribute to De Vicenzo’s 1967 British Open victory over Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus.

The Claret Jug & Hands of Roberto De Vicenzo

Edel is founder of Edel Golf, a top-notch custom club company that makes handcrafted putters and wedges to order. If Edel can craft a sculpture like this, think about what he can do with a putter or wedge.

In the 1990s, Edel he befriended De Vicenzo ,the Hall of Fame Argentine, and was fascinated with his career (which included 240 worldwide titles) and the stories he had to tell of his global travels and personal exploits.

Edel memorializes De Vicenzo’s only major title in a bronze that reflects the Argentine’s firm grasp of the Claret Jug.  In July 2010, Edel accompanied De Vicenzo to the celebrations at St. Andrews marking the Open’s 150th anniversary and the sculpture was displayed at Rusacks Hotel during a special reception for past Open champions.

Only 15 limited edition bronzes have been produced and each is available exclusively through St. Andrews Golf Art.  The piece’s dimensions are 8” x 20” and the price is $10,600.

Watch and listen as Edel goes through the fitting process and how he can control every variable to create a putter that’s perfectly fit for an individual player.

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