Mizuno Golf preaching “The Iron Truth” in new ad campaign

World No. 1 Luke Donald

Mizuno Golf has long been known as a company that makes among the best irons in the industry. Mizuno, however, has always laid low – compared to its competition – in getting out the word about its MP and JPX iron lines.

That’s why it’s good it see Mizuno is now becoming more aggressive in regards to marketing its irons. In fact, the company says its “on a mission to preach the truth,” to golfers it believes have been misled by rivals’ advertising campaigns that tout the driver as the be all and end all of golf clubs.

Mizuno’s new campaign is called “The Iron Truth.”  Mizuno says it’s built “around the paramount importance “of superior irons and iron play in every golfer’s ongoing quest to improve their game.  One element of the campaign is “The Gospel According to Luke”, which features Mizuno staff player and World No. 1 Luke Donald. Donald won this past weekend’s Transitions Championship to reclaim the top spot from Rory McIlroy using MP-59 irons, MP T-11 wedges a CLK Fli-Hi hybrid.

“We’ve always focused on irons as the most critical element of game improvement for golfers at every level, while other manufacturers continually exploit the sexiness of hitting big drives, to the detriment of the majority of golfers who’d be happier if they finally broke 80, 90, 100, or whatever their personal goal may be,” said Dick Lyons, vice president and general manager of Mizuno Golf.  “There’s no better example of the superiority of iron play over driving than Luke, who captured the 2011 PGA Tour Player of the Year, despite not being the longest off the tee.  We decided it was time to preach the ‘“iron truth.”’

“The Gospel According to Luke” is an integrated marketing campaign, developed by Mizuno’s agency-of-record, McKinney Advertising. Mizuno says the plan combines advertising, web, retail promotion, social media and public relations, educating golfers about the myriad of opportunities for game improvement they will find by focusing on iron play.

Watch Donald spread the iron gospel. http://youtu.be/97Z-sFOwy6w

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