Nike Golf’s new VR_S family of metals, hybrids and irons due in February

Nike Golf's new VR_S driver will launch in February

Nike Golf’s new VR_S family of metal woods, irons and hybrids will be available beginning Feb. 3 and a couple of things immediately stick out: One is the NexCOR technology in each club that the company says is designed for players with slower swing speeds; the other is price. The VR_S driver for example, is expected to carry a shelf price of $299.99, while the VR_S irons will carry a shelf price of $599.99 (steel) and $699.99 (graphite).

Each of those price points make the new line more-than competitive in the marketplace and appears to show that Nike Golf, after several years of higher-priced product, is now playing the same kind of price game as its competitors. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it could help boast Nike Golf equipment sales in 2012 if the product performs as advertised and the company gets out the advertising.

The Nike VR_S family is an extension of Nike Golf’s VR franchise, which is used by many of the company’s PGA Tour players. Nike Golf says the VR_S line distinguishes itself from the original VR line with its emphasis on speed (hence the “S” in the name).  The Nike VR_S line features NexCOR technology for slower swing speeds while the Nike VR Pro LE combines NexCOR and the variable Compression Channel for faster swing speeds.

Basically Nike Golf is trying to appeal to players of all skill levels with the VR_S and VR Pro LE lines. It’s a good way to extend the lines and the appeal of the brand.


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