Callaway puts new spin on HEX Black Tour golf ball (VIDEO)

Callaway's HEX Black Tour golf ball

Callaway Golf has invented a new term in golf ball technology – or marketing – take your pick in regards to its new HEX Black Tour golf ball. The company says that of the new engineering that has gone into the five-piece ball combines to deliver better “Spin Separation” and all-around performance characteristics than any previous Callaway golf ball.

Even Phil Mickelson, Callaway’s marquee staff player, has been caught up in the, well, spin.

“The amazing thing to me is the spin separation; how this ball spins so much from 40 yards in, and yet spins so little off the driver and goes so far,” Mickelson said. “I’ve never seen a ball with that combination of short-range control and distance.”

The level of Spin Separation golfers will experience, according to Dave Bartels, Sr. Director for Golf Ball Research & Development, Callaway Golf can be attributed to the ball’s advanced i-Core technology.

This dual core construction, Bartels said, maximizes the compression difference between the inner and outer core layers.  The soft inner core helps reduce spin off the tee for more distance, while the high compression outer core creates higher spin closer to the green for more control with irons and wedges.  Bartels said this relationship allows HEX Black Tour (suggested retail price $45.99 per dozen available March 2) to achieve higher Spin Separation than any previous Callaway ball.

I’ve always thought Callaway’s premium golf balls were underrated so it will be interesting to see what the spin is all about.

Watch and listen to Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson talk about why they play Callaway golf balls.


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