MOTOACTV Golf Edition ideal for gadget enthusiasts

If you like gadgets, here’s one that right’s down your fairway. Motorola’s MOTOACTV Golf Edition is a new GPS golf tracker that a player wears on his or her wrist just like a watch. There have been other such devices in the past, but none as sophisticated as the MOTOACTV.

Motorola's MOTOACTV

Endorsed by PGA Tour star Bubba Watson, The MOTOACTV Golf Edition (suggested retail price $299.99) allows a player to track his or her game on up to 20,000 golf courses  worldwide. The GPS tracks the front, center and back distances to green and to hazards. Its virtual caddy keeps track of a player’s scorecards, clubs and key statistics.

A player also can sync his or her rounds wirelessly to visualize and study their game online at and view rounds from golf professionals. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the device is that you play back your round on your PC or Mac.

The software is free ( to install and activate on any MOTOACTV purchased through Apr 16 .

Dick Tracy would be proud.


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