GolfBuddy Voice now available

The GolfBuddy Voice, one of the big hits of the PGA Merchandise Show this past January, finally is available to consumers. The Golf Buddy Voice, about the size of an iPod mini, “speaks” accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green on more than 35,000 preloaded worldwide golf courses.

The GB Voice (suggested retail price $179) can clip to a player’s hat or belt making it easy to carry and easy to use. Yardages are provided by pressing the button on the face of the unit. The player hears (and sees) the yardage distances to the center of the green, along with the hole number and par.

When you think about it, a center of the green distance is all most players need because they’re not consistently accurate enough to dial in their any closer than that.

Like all GolfBuddy GPS products, the Voice is 100 percent fee free with no annual subscriptions or course download charges after purchase.

As well as offering accurate distances, the Voice also features the ability to change from yard to meter readings, has an eight-hour re-chargeable lithium battery, tells the time via a digital clock, comes with eight different languages pre-loaded and uses GolfBuddy’s Auto Course & Hole Recognition technology, which means it always knows exactly what hole you’re playing.

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