Lamkin continuing to brighten up the grip world

Grip maker Lamkin Corporation is expanding its colorful R.E.L.  3GEN grip line for 2013. The company is will release several additional color options in the R.E.L. 3GEN Standard, Midsize and Oversize models in November at a suggested retail price of  $4.99 (Standard), $5.49 (Midsize) and $5.99 (Oversize).

Lamkin's shines bright with R.E.L. 3Gen grips

The expansion of the R.E.L. 3GEN line will include a neon pink option in a standard size model, as well as a red, blue, orange, gray and electric blue option in the midsize and oversize models.

“With the R.E.L. 3GEN line of grips, we’re able to offer a product that feels even better than it looks,” said Lamkin President Bob Lamkin. “Initially, it was the broad assortment of color choices that generated excitement and buzz, but consumers quickly learned that there’s much more to this grip than the bold colors. It’s truly a better feeling and performing golf grip.”

Combined with a comfortable and no-slip surface pattern, the R.E.L. grip is manufactured with Lamkin’s that the company says 3GEN technology that provides better vibration dampening and improved grip durability. The design of the grip was created to maximize surface area contact with a golfer’s hand to ensure a controlled connection between the golfer and the club.


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