Lucas Glover a believer in golf fitness

Lucas Glover remembers being scared. Not on the golf course, but the first time he met golf fitness guru Randy Myers at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Gardens.  That was in March of 2005. Glover, a former All-America at Clemson University was in his second season on the PGA Tour and a few years away from his victory at the 2009 U.S. Open.

Lucas Glover

Glover knew he needed to be in better shape, but to him that meant weight training.

“I was scared of being sore,” and becoming muscle-bound,” Glover said this week at the “Oven,” Nike Golf’s research center in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Myers assured Glover is training methods wouldn’t make him resemble the Incredible Hulk – that they were golf specific. Glover believed and has been working with Myers ever since.

“I’m not saying I’m the most dedicated during the season, but in the offseason I work hard – and I work hard on my off weeks,” Glover said.

If you want to know more about Myers’ golf specific routines, check out Nike Golf’s new NG360 app. Myers, the director of fitness at Sea Island (Ga.) Golf Learning Center and director of Nike Golf Performance Worldwide, helped develop the app’s Functional Performance System Powered by the Gray Institute.

“Golf fitness is still in its infancy,” Myers said. “It’s not about going out and lifting weight Monday and Tuesday and then not being able to make a three-foot putt on Friday. It’s finesse, it’s touch, it’s feel.

“There are a lot of similarities to throwing a baseball. There are finesse pitchers and power pitchers. You have to have the biomechanics right and you also have to have the body feeling good.”


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