Snedeker says players should “fall in line” to support proposed anchoring ban

Whether you anchor your belly putter or use the more traditional shorter putter, don’t look to Brandt Snedeker for any sympathy if you can’t putt well.

Brandt Snedeker

“I do have sympathy for all golfers because we all struggle at times,” Snedeker said at the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge. “So I don’t have any more sympathy for somebody that putts bad than somebody that putts good.”

Snedeker was responding to a question regarding the USGA/R&A proposed ban on players anchoring putters, specifically long putters and belly putters. The proposal has been criticized in some circles as only aimed at the world’s elite players and that it could cause a split between the top players and the average players in regards to equipment rules.

“I understand how amateurs might feel like this was done for the pros.  I know it’s not done for the pros,” Snedeker said. “This rule has not been made because three guys won majors; this rule has been made because there’s a generation of golfers who have never had a short putter and is that the way the game of golf is supposed to go?

“That’s not up for me to decide.  I wish it was because it would be an easy decision for me.  I say this all the time, we as Tour pros, we all think we’re very, very smart.  We’re not when it comes to governing the game of golf.  We have no clue how to do that.  The USGA and the R&A do.  Peter Dawson (executive director of the R&A) and Mike Davis 9executive director of the USGA) are extremely intelligent people.  They know what they’re doing when it comes to the game of golf.  I trust them implicitly.”

Snedeker said his fellow Tour players should do the same.

“I think the guys on TOUR should fall in line with that rule,” he said. “I don’t think there should ever be two sets of rules.  The PGA Tour has never done that.”

Actually it has in regards to grooves, but this is golf, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good rant.


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