Net Return a great practice alternative in inclimate weather

There are certain times of the year in large parts of this country when hitting balls into a net are about all the golf you can expect. You might rather be on the course but…

The Net Return is great for rainty days

So when I first heard Net Return practice net I wasn’t exactly excited. After some investigation though I think it could be a good purchase for those rainy days.

The Net Return has a great idea; it returns the ball to you after you hit it, so it’s a lot easier than having to retrieve balls in a field and cheaper than spending $10 or more a bucket at a driving range. This net works equally well indoors or outdoors and since the sloping design of the construction returns the ball to your feet you can tell whether you hit it straight by the angle the ball comes back.

Hand made in the U.S., individually inspected and tested, the Net Return fits into a duffle and a one year warranty makes a nice package. There are two packages – the Pro and the Runner – with the Net, artificial turf, side barriers and sand bags that hold everything in place. Prices start at $599 at TheNetReturn.


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