Tiger Woods favors an across the globe ban on long putters

The PGA Tour Policy Board is expected to vote on the future of long putters at its meeting next March. Nobody is exactly sure what it will be even vote on – banning the putters all together or banning the action of anchoring the putters.

Tiger Woods doesn't like long putter

The U.S. Golf Association and the Royal & Ancients Golf Club of St. Andrews are expected to rule on the issue perhaps as early as next month. The Tour Policy Board has the power to make its own rules for Tour events away from the two ruling bodies, but chances are will go along with whatever the USGA and R&A (and Commissioner Tim Finchem)  decide.

And if that’s not enough, another powerful voice – Tiger Woods – has definitively weighed in on the matter.

The Striped One said yesterday he would like to see long putters banned at all levels of play. Some of the world’ top players, including Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson and Ernie Els, currently use long putters or belly putters.

“I believe it should be the (same) game across the board,” said at a press conference to announce Northwest Mutual’s sponsorship of his World Challenge event next month near Los Angeles. “I think it should be a global rules change is how I look at it.”


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