Sun Mountain’s KG-3 cart bag heavy on function, not weight

It’s time of year when golfers begin looking for new sticks. Here’s a good bag to put them in. Actually, Sun Mountain’s KG-3 cart bag is good for clubs old and new.

Sun Mountain has been making some of the industry’s better light-weight bags for 30 years. At 6.5 pounds, the KG-3 (suggested retail price $229) is no exception. The KG:3 cart bag includes a 10.5-inch, 15-way divided top offering full-length club protection and a separate putter well. The top of the KG:3 also includes Sun Mountain’s three handle-holds offering convenient spots to grab with both hands when lifting the bag onto a cart. An additional hand-hold incorporated into the base of the bag offers an easy place to hold when lifting the bag in and out of a car trunk.

Sun Mountain's new KG-3 cart bag

The nine pockets on the KG:3 are all forward facing (a must for a cart bag) and accessible when the bag is on a cart. Sun Mountain says access to the zippers is further aided by a cart-strap tunnel that allows the strap on the cart to pass under the bag’s pockets so not to cover up the zipper or squish the contents of the pockets. That’s a big plus in design and saves a player time when looking for an item in one of the pockets.

The nine pockets on the KG:3 include a beverage pouch and a pocket specifically to protect a mobile phone, and have space to store rain suits, balls, gloves, and accessories. KG:3 also includes a single shoulder strap and a hip pad for comfortable carrying from car to course.

Graphics on the KG:3 are noticeably modern, in keeping with the new-from-the-ground-up design philosophy used on this bag. Color combinations for include: black/white/lime, black/yam/gunmetal, navy/blue/yellow, blue/titanium/lava, and black.


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