Club Glove goes Ballistic with new luggage line

For those of you gearing up for some summer travel and in need of new luggage, you can’t go wrong with the Club Glove’s new TRS Ballistic luggage. Club Glove is best known for making Last Bag travel bags that are the best in the business.

The TRS Ballistic luggage line from Club Glove

The same is true with the company’s luggage lines. As with everything design by Club Glove President Jeff Herold, (one of my favorite people in the golf industry) the TRS Ballistic luggage line is stylish, innovative and functional. Herold is the founder of West Coast Trends, the company that owns Club Glove and Scheyden Precision Eyewear.

Each piece of TRS Ballistic luggage features woven INVISTA CORDURA 1050 denier Nylon Ballistic fabric,which offers double the abrasion resistance and four times the tear resistance of other premium materials. When used as a set (great for getting through airports), the collection showcases Club Glove’s Train Reaction system that reduces the amount of effort needed to pull or push gear by creating a perfect center of gravity to make bags feel weightless.

The company says TRS Ballistic luggage is used by more than 100 PGA Tour players, which makes sense because more than 95 percent of Tour players use Club Glove travel bags.

“The rapid adoption of the TRS Ballistic line is reminiscent of how our Last Bag quickly became the most used golf travel cover among Tour players more than a decade ago,” Herold said. “The bottom line is that these guys travel for a living and they rely on products of the absolute best quality to ensure their belongings arrive unscathed.”

The durable, stylish and Made-in-the-USA collection consists of a carry-on ($699), check-in ($750) and XL check-in ($799) bags and is also available as a set ($2,248).  Club Glove recently added a two-tone black and bronze color scheme to complement the original collection.

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