FLIX divot tool from Champ is sturdy and stylish

If you like golf toys – functional ones – try the new FLIX Divot Repair Instrument from Champ/MacNeill Engineering.

The Flix divot tool from Champ

It’s “switchblade” design is fun to use and it’s sturdy and easily collapsible with the push of a button so you don’t put a hle in your pants or your leg. The FLIX is available in orange, lime green, pink, black and white.

Also, the FLIX Divot Repair Instrument features a magnetically attached ball-marker that can be customized to include company, club or event logos and names.

In addition to the FLIX, Champ launched a new version of its eco-friendly Zarma FLYTee – the MyHite – that features a series of colored bands around the stem. Champ says the bands allow golfers to quickly and easily place the ball at a consistent height to maximize consistency and ensure repeatable performance.

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