Tour Edge delivers with Xrails fairway wood

Tour Edge delivers again with its Tour Exotics Xrails line of fairway woods and hybrids. I’ve been hitting the Xrails 5 wood (18 degrees) the past couple of weeks and it’s just as a good as I’ve come to expect from the Exotics line. That is, the Xrails 5 wood is easy to look at address and has what probably is the hottest face of any fairway wood on the market thanks to its multi-metal construction combining a hyper-steel body with a thinner Carpenter steel face.

The Tour Edge Exotics fairway wood

With the R flex shaft, I can accurately hit a shot between 190 and 200 yards. If I get a bit fast, however, I tend to hit a shot that balloons into the air. But even when I do that, the ball stays on target, largely because it has 15 percent added weight in the heel and toe areas than its predecessor.

That weight helps the club get through thicker grass and perhaps best of all, allows players with slower swing speeds make solid contact. For example, a lady in a group I played in recently consistently hot solid shots longer than her name-brand 3 wood.

I was fortunate the club didn’t end up in her bag permanently.


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